Inspiration Abounds with the Digital Lab Robotics Workshop

Ericsson’s African-American Alliance Employee Resource Group and The Melville Family Foundation (MFF) organized the seven-day summer camp at Uplift Peak (Dallas) and Uplift Mighty (Fort Worth) for students, aged between 11-14 years old. Uplift Education is the largest charter school network in the Dallas/Fort Worth region and is dedicated to providing a college preparatory education to all students in North Texas, currently serving 21,000 scholars across 43 schools. The camps followed all of Uplift’s COVID safety precautions as well as local Texas measures, and were staffed by Ericsson volunteers with support from Uplift teachers. All worked closely with the students to inspire original thinking and problem solving while guiding them through the course content.

“The creativity, collaboration, and joy exhibited not only by the scholars, but by the dedicated Ericsson volunteers, truly created a mind-expanding experience for the scholars,” said Randy Melville, Founder of the Melville Family Foundation.

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