Who’s Your Unsung Hero? Here are ten to get you thinking!

2020 has been a really tough year, for so many reasons. The scourge of COVID-19 has claimed hundreds of thousands of lives and caused a massive economic disruption that’s brought heartbreak and hardship to millions. In the US, the long struggle against racism and inequality has sparked protests that have brought tens of thousands onto the street. In California, Oregon, and Australia, enormous wildfires have destroyed thousands of acres and threatened communities.

And yet it’s also a year that has brought out the best in many. That’s what the Atlantic Council has set out to chart with #UnsungHeroes2020, our campaign to highlight acts of amazingness around the world.

It’s important at a time like this to come together to mark the heroism, resilience, and imagination of those who seek to help others and change the world. More than ever, we have all been awestruck by the many faces of courage in the toughest of times.

We asked our community to nominate heroes – and some terrific stories emerged from all over the world.

“Lisa chose the Melville Family Foundation, which works to improve the lives of black and brown children in Dallas through economic stability, food security, and academic excellence.”

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